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30mph on countryside lane & horse signs , Craig y ceiliog bettws newport

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Hi, my name is Hayley, my field backs onto this now busy  lane.  I have lived here for 22 years, and my dad has lived here since a he was a kid. My mum and dad own a horse livery yard and for years the horse owners from the farm have used this (what once was)  "quiet country side lane" as a "safe route" to leave the yard on. This 'safe route' is used rather than the main busy lane that runs from Risca to Cwmbran. 

 For the last 2 years there has been a numerous amount of accidents in Craig y ceiliog lane (Bettws, Newport). These accidents vary we have seen a few  bad car accidents; from cars flying around the country lane and not being able to break when they meet an oncoming car resulting in head on collisions. There has been occasions when cars have hit animals, horses and cattle due to travelling to fast and not being able to react to situations quick enough. Not only that but this lane is barley gritted in the freezing weather and yet people still speed through there resulting in cars turned over in the hedge rows and causing crashes. 

On our yard we have 30 horses that all go out hacking using this lane as a 'safe route' from the farm. We also have neighbours who have race horses and use this lane as it's the only access in and out of their farm. It's not just horses though our other neighbour brings his cattle down the lane to get them into his dairy farm as he has fields that back onto this lane also.  Recently, due to more and more cars/vehicles using this 'quiet country lane' us horse riders have had abused hurled at us from car users. All with the same message 'We should not be on this lane'!  This has lead to many of us horse riders to start wearing head cams when out and about for our safety! 

Today 28/02/17 has really shown something needs to be done, 2 young ladies were riding their horses when the horses were spooked by the speeding car leading to them both  falling off. 1 lady suffered a broken leg and the other lady suffered ligament damage in her collar bone. Even when the one lady was on the floor with a broken leg (as a result of the speeding car)  the same car still kept trying to get around her. Seriously? Disgusting right? This is becoming  a dilemma now & something needs to be done. Road user safety is paramount,  so I am asking people to help by signing  this petition for  this lane. Let's make Craig y ceiliog lane in bettws a 30mph zone not 60mph that it currently is. We also need to have horse & cattle signs put up to warn car users that we are on the road,  this way we can help keep that ALL road users safe! 

Horse users have no respect when on the road these days and it's so sad because horses were the only transport a years back, they need some respect!

Lets make this happen. Thanks

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