Calling for the firing of Const. Ryan Harrison for DUI

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This petition is to call for the firing of constable Ryan Harrison for an off duty dui charge from July 7th of this year. 

He has proven quite clearly he lacks any caring of regard for his community that he lives and serves. A police officer should be held to a higher standard and Ryan Harrison has not met this standard, as such he should be removed from his position immediately. 

There was a time when My dad would tell us that police officers were the best of us... to be treated with respect and could be trusted in any situation to help you if you’re in need. Now I’m having to explain to my family years later that you could just as easily be killed by an officer of the law as a regular person and to be careful who you trust. That doesn’t sound like a community I want to raise my family in. Rather than leave let’s work for change! 


Sign this petition and lets let’s get back to trusting the people we pay to protect us. 

Below is also a list of emails for the mayor and other council members so we can get the message across. Send as many as you like. 

Mayor John Taylor -

Deputy mayor - Tom Vegh - 

Grace Simon - Ward 1 councillor- 

Victor Woodhouse - ward 2 councillor -