Safer Road Crossing on North Woolwich Road

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The continuation of the Royal Wharf development means that the numbers of juggernauts and massive heavy vehicles operate in this area which is very busy during school drop offs and pick up times (8:15am-9:00am & 2:40pm-3:30pm). These vehicles are parked near the BP petrol station or waiting at the construction site which obscure pedestrians' visions when crossing the road. Many private vehicles do travel up to speeds of 40mph because the road is quite wide and they are impatient to over take the slow heavy vehicles. 

There have been at least a couple of serious and fatal accidents within these two years and we do not want more to take place!

Given the fact that many parents do travel with their young children, many of whom have babies in buggies too, it is imperative to improve the current situation before something terrible happens. Some older children are on their bicycles or scooters which means they are also at risk if they cannot see the coming traffic. 

I urge the council to propose a safe way for our children to cross the road. 

This could be in the forms of a lollipop person aka crossing guard, a set of traffic lights or a pedestrian bridge. 

This is a pressing issue, as the summer term is coming to a close I hope something would be in place before September so that us parents can feel safe walking our children to school on the busy North Woolwich Road.