Newham council enforcement should do their job according to the laws

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In one year, actually less than one year, my car been towed away, from suspicious places in the first place. Residents in our area lost huge parking, because soleone decided to build a huge building instead, and now enforcement instead of putting penalties on cars and allowing the owners to pay that, towing our cars away immediately. 

My car been towed away from a place I’ve been parking for last one year, there is no signs or nothing that would suggest that is not permitted to park the car, as a matter a fact my car been towed away for the reason that I obstructed another car which been parked in the place I parked recently and got my car taken. 

It is time to allow residents to pay the penalty before taking the car(which is immediately), cars taken away weren’t parked dangerously neither obstructed anyone. 

Newham council should care about its residents, not make our life miserable by loosing weekly incomes because of parking “mistakes” and rules that can change overnight!!!!!


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