Solve the Parking Crisis at the Marine Institute of Memorial University

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The Marine Institute of Memorial University of Newfoundland is currently experiencing what has been described as a parking crisis. After loosing a significant number of our parking spaces to Blue Zone Parking spaces, our staff, faculty and students are affected with decreased parking around the building. 

Due to the buildings location on Ridge Road, there is little parking available outside of the parking lot where it is reasonable to park a vehicle and walk to the building.

The shoulder of the road across the street is a no parking zone even though it provides ample room to safely pull a vehicle off the road and not disrupt traffic, however, there are no restrictions to parking on the side of the road in which the school sits on. This does pose a safety concern as the side of the road the school sits on does not have a shoulder of the road, so humans will have to park their vehicle on the road, causing disruptions to traffic as well as putting safety at risk for entering and exiting their vehicles. 

The lack of parking around the building is driving staff, faculty and students to start parking on the grass surrounding the building in hopes to evade getting expensive tickets from the City of St. John's for parking in the no parking zone. 

As the Marine Institute operates out of a Government owned building and on Pippy Park property, they have been told they are not allowed to create new parking spaces as they would be removing grass and trees to creating new spaces. 

Each year we experience an increase in staff, faculty and students who drive to school, and it is now to the point that something needs to be done to increase the parking spaces as there are a significant number of humans that now have no access to parking when going to the Marine Institute of Memorial University of Newfoundland. 

This petition has been started to gain attention from the Government of Newfoundland and Pippy Park to evaluate and create additional parking spaces  at the Marine Institute of Memorial University of Newfoundland to solve the parking crisis that is currently being experienced! 

Please sign this petition and help in the fight to get more parking!