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Newest Healthcare Reform Actions, please do any, or all, you can   :)





AAUW Action Network: An Attack on Reproductive Health Care: New Domestic Gag Rule   :)
On Saturday night, the House passed the largest health care overhaul bill in 40 years.  Many of AAUW's key priorities were included in the Affordable Health Care for America Act (H.R. 3962), including coverage for maternity care, preventive care, an end to gender rating, and other protections for women.  It's a victory for millions of Americans who are one step closer to quality, affordable health care.
Unfortunately, this victory came at a price that is outrageous and unacceptable.  Anti-choice representatives also passed an amendment to the bill that will severely undermine women's access to complete and safe reproductive health care services.  The amendment, offered by Rep. Bart Stupak (D-MI), will eliminate coverage for abortion services in the public option.  Current law already bans the use of federal dollars to pay for abortion, but this amendment goes further by prohibiting women who receive federal subsidies from purchasing a comprehensive insurance plan that includes abortion services.
Private plans that offer abortion coverage would be banned from receiving funding. This type of restriction would force private insurance companies to choose between eliminating abortion coverage for all insured members and being eligible to serve patients by receiving federal subsidies. As a result, millions of women who have this coverage now would lose it, effectively ending coverage for abortion services and instituting what amounts to a domestic gag rule.  Women who could afford it could pay extra for a "rider" policy to cover such services, but the very nature of unplanned pregnancies makes this an illogical and impractical notion.
AAUW has long advocated for choice in the determination of one's reproductive life and increased access to health care and family planning services.  There's no doubt that health care reform is desperately needed, but it should not come on the backs of women.  A fundamental principle of health care has always been to "do no harm."  Make no mistake; the Stupak amendment does just that--leaving millions of women worse off than they were before.   This is the biggest attempt to ban abortion services in years, and a similar amendment is already in the works in the Senate. 

Take Action: Contact your senators today and urge them to oppose any amendments that jeopardize women's access to complete reproductive health care coverage.  Then, take another minute to contact your representative about his or her vote on the Stupak amendment   :)    




Center for Reproductive Rights: TAKE ACTION: The Fight is Not Over Yet   :)

Saturday's House vote was a terrible blow for women's health and rights -- but the fight is not over yet.

The Pro-Choice Caucus has crafted a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi vowing to oppose a healthcare bill that restricts a woman's right to choose any further than current law.

Tell your Members of Congress to sign the letter and show their support for American women!   :)


Planned Parenthood Action: A painful blow to women's health care   :)

While there are some who are satisfied with the health care reform bill that passed in the House of Representatives late Saturday night, I am not one of them.

When it came down to it, Congress passed a bill that will undercut women's access to comprehensive health care. Despite hundreds of thousands of voters like you and me who called on members of Congress to include women's health care in health care reform, the bill that passed Saturday night includes a ban on private abortion coverage for millions of women and would prohibit it in the new "public option."

Opponents of legal abortion and health care for women are emboldened by Saturday night's vote and ready to bring their ban on abortion to the Senate floor. But now it's our turn. And this time we are going to use our strongest weapon: the White House.

That's why, today, we are calling on President Obama   :)

to ensure that lawmakers, especially those in his own party, support health care reform that protects women's access to reproductive care as the next round of debate and voting occurs in the Senate.


Mobilization for Health Care for All   :)
Two Health Care Advocates Remain in Jail, Take Action To Support their Cause Now   :)
Yesterday morning, Mobilization for Health Care for All made another urgent demand to get insurance money out of our democracy so that real reform will not be blocked in America. It is unacceptable that 45,000 Americans dies every year because of lack of access to health care.

Nine advocates for Medicare for All were arrested in a patients not profits sit-in in Senator Joseph Lieberman's office. Lieberman, known as the Senator for Aetna - his number 9 largest contributor, has taken $2.6 million in the last decade from the health sector including the insurance and pharmaceutical industries.

Two advocates remain in jail refusing to cooperate by not providing identification. Kai Newkirk, national coordinator of the Mobilization, is fasting and is in the DC jail, along with John Morhbacher of Connecticut.

Their demand is clear - publicly pledge to stop taking money from the insurance industry. Join their demand by clicking here

to sign a petition to Sen. Lieberman.

When Kevin Zeese, Esq. director of ProsperityAgenda.US met with our colleagues in the cell block, Morhbacker, a member of the Army Reserve in Connecticut, described his senator "as an example of the obstructionists who prevent consideration of Medicare for All."

2. Make a donation

to support the Mobilization. Donate for bail money and jail support for those arrested in Lieberman's office.

3. Call Lieberman and tell him to stop taking insurance money. His numbers are: (202) 224-4041and (860) 549-8463.


Public Option Please: Fight PHARMA profit protections   :)

The health care bill in the House of Representatives has a death sentence for patients with AIDS, breast cancer, and other serious illnesses.

Members of Congress owned by PhRMA - the lobbying arm of the pharmaceutical industry - pushed for a dangerous provision about "biologics" drugs that will make it virtually impossible for patients to have access to affordable medication.

We can't fix it before the House passes its bill this weekend, but we can make sure it's fixed in the Senate bill.

Sign our petition to key Senators now: make generic drugs available for patients and stop protecting the pharmaceutical industry's profits.

Click here to add your name   :)


PEN: DIRECT Fax Action To Congress: Pass Medicare For All (Weiner Amendment), Or
Don't Fool Either Yourself Or Us [152447]   :)

This one will add your signature (and any personal comments of your
own) to a fax petition with the heading, "Pass Medicare For All Or
Pass Nothing", and send it to each of your individual members of

Fax Action On Medicare for All   :)

The fact is that from the moment early on that Max Baucus manipulated
the hearings in his Senate committee to keep any spokesperson for
single payer from even having a voice at the table, the entire
congressional process has been rigged to keep any meaningful reform
of our health care system from actually happening.


ADAPT Acts: CFC Good News! We're making Progress; etc..   :)
Fw: OR is first state in nation to have NO ICF/MRs   :)
Original Message -----
Sent: Wednesday, October 28, 2009 11:45 AM
Subject: OR is first state in nation to have NO ICF/MRs

Dear Friends,

As of the close of business yesterday, Oregon is the first state in the nation
to have

NO ICFs/Mr.  This includes public and community facilities, as well as no

citizens residing in ICFs/MR in other states. Oregon is now operating 100%
under the

community waiver.

Before yesterday, the only other state operating with no public or private
ICFMRs was

Alaska, and while it is true that Alaska no in-state ICFMRs, the state

has about 10 people in out-of-state ICFMRs.

So CONGRATULATIONS! to Oregon, and here's hoping they serve as a role model
for the rest of us!


Fw: CFC Good News! We're making Progress   :)
Hey ADAPT & Community Choice Supporters!
> Your hard work is paying off once again.  As you know the Community First Choice Option (CFC) is in the Senate health reform bill.
> I just received word from Congressman Danny Davis' office that CFC has been included in the House health bill
>   as a "Sense of Congress" (see attached).  What does this mean?
> A Sense of Congress is not legislation, itself.  It does express the desire and support of Congress to have the language become law eventually. What this means is that the House is sending a message that when the Senate and the House conference the final bills, the House wants the CFC legislative language in the Senate bill to remain in the final bill that passes into law.  The reason for doing the Sense of Congress instead of actual legislative language is so their aggressive timetable can be kept; so they won't have to score the whole bill again.  The House is supposed to finish their health bill work this week and not break until they do. Ours is the ONLY Sense of Congress in the health bill and word is, no other amendments will be allowed.  Rep. Danny Davis was very vocal in support and Chairman Rangle, Waxman and Miller were all supportive of getting it in.
> Quite an accomplishment!  Great work ADAPT & Community Choice Supporters.
You're the best! Stay tuned for next steps we need to take in the next couple of days.
> Mike O.
>                                                      SENSE OF CONGRESS LANGUAGE
> [page 28]
> 5 It is the sense of Congress that States should be al-
> 6 lowed to elect under their Medicaid State plans under title
> 7 XIX of the Social Security Act to implement a Community
> 8 First Choice Option under which-
> 9 (1) coverage of community-based attendant
> 10 services and supports furnished in homes and com-
> 11 munities is available, at an individual's option, to in-
> 12 dividuals who would otherwise qualify for Medicaid
> 13 institutional coverage under the respective State
> 14 plan;
> 15 (2) such supports and services include assist-
> 16 ance to individuals with disabilities in accomplishing
> 17 activities of daily living, instrumental activities of
> 18 daily living, and health-related tasks;
> 19 (3) the Federal matching assistance percentage
> 20 (FMAP) under such title for medical assistance for
> 21 such supports and services is enhanced;
> [page 29]
> 1 (4) States, consistent with minimum federal
> 2 standards, ensure quality of such supports and serv-
> 3 ices; and
> 4 (5) States collect and provide data to the Sec-
> 5 retary of Health and Human Services on the cost
> 6 and effectiveness and quality of supports and serv-
> 7 ices provided through such option.

NATIONAL ADAPT MAILING LIST - Adapt Community Choice Act List


NALU + FCNL Acts: Take Action: Support Indian Health Care; etc..   :)

Health Care: On to the Senate

On Saturday, the House passed legislation that, in our analysis, would provide access to affordable, comprehensive health care for the majority of people in this country and improve health care for Native Americans:

House: Maintain the momentum by asking the Senate to pass legislation that also meets these criteria:


Take Action: Support Indian Health Care   :)

Health care for Native Americans could soon dramatically improve. The House has included the Indian Health Care Improvement Act as part of its health insurance reform bill (H.R. 3962). This legislation would provide services long available to the rest of the country to American Indians and Alaska Natives, including mental health services, long term care, and hospice. It would also improve access to care. Ask your representative to support Indian health and the House health insurance reform bill:

On October 20, the House Committee on Energy and Commerce's Health Subcommittee held a hearing on the reauthorization of the Indian Health Care Improvement Act (IHCIA, H.R. 2708). For more information, see


Good news!  The Indian Health Care Improvement Act has been included in the "big" health care reform bill in the House (H.R. 3962), and may also be included in the Senate bill. Acts: Stupak; etc..  :)

When the House of Representatives passed health care reform late Saturday night, there was a new, last-minute addition.

Conservative Rep. Bart Stupak's (D-MI) amendment would severely limit a woman's right to choose. In fact, his restrictions are far more severe than Republicans were ever able to pass during the Bush presidency.

Now 40 Democratic congresswomen have written an open letter demanding that these restrictions be taken out of the final bill.

Can you join these women leaders and sign on, too? Click here.

Lieberman   :)

We teamed up with Democracy for America to debunk that conventional wisdom -- commissioning our own polls in the states of Sens. Ben Nelson (D-NE), Blanche Lincoln (D-AR), and Evan Bayh (D-IN).

And guess what? Voters consistently want the public option! Rachel Maddow covered our polls on her MSNBC show this week.

There are no excuses left for Democratic senators to oppose reform. Can you sign our petition telling them so?   :)


Stop Stupac the Amendment, or any version of it.  As well, no trigger, because triggers don't get pulled.  Also, please, advocate for singlepayer healthcare, with Community First Choice Option and CLASS Act (Community Choice Act for the handicapped, elderly, autistic, disabled, etc.); H.R. 676 & S. 703, are the best of the lot, so far.

support women's healthcare now   :)


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