Shame On Newcastle, Remove Perpetrators From Campus. #survivorsoverprofit

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Newcastle University have knowingly accepted a convicted stalker and distributor of revenge pornography to not only complete his Undergraduate course while remaining an intimidating presence to his victim, but to return for another year to do a Postgraduate course while she still remains on campus. Without her bravery in coming forward and the tab article we wouldn't know this was happening, or the University response. 


However, now we do. The University are choosing their image and the profit of another student over protecting the safety of the students they swear they care so much about. This CANNOT go on. 


This Petition DEMANDS:

1. That perpetrators are removed from campus, SPECIFICALLY JEFFERSON YOUNG. 

This is for the safety of his victim, as well as student safety at large. More than 50% of reported stalkers go on to re-offend, source: And on average it takes victims of abusive partners more than 35 incidents to report. We cannot be sure of student safety while this individual remains. Any individuals found guilty of crimes such as these cannot be allowed back to our campus.

2. Implementation of a New Zero Tolerance Policy against Sexual and Domestic Violence**

3. Transparency and changes to in the sanction system for victims.

What is the point in putting yourself through the trauma of recounting your incident, only to be told you may not be able to attend the Disciplinary hearing, that if you do you will be seated near your offender, and that at the close of the hearing you will be allowed no information about the sanctions, only if they are or are not on campus. Amy** was denied even knowing he was on campus until she had arrived for another year. This cannot be allowed. Furthermore, the appeals process for a disciplinary hearing should be open to the victims/survivors not simply the perpetrator.

4. Quicker and more thorough disciplinary procedures for sexual and domestic violence

High profile disciplinary cases at Newcastle have been thoroughly investigated by the University, contacting parties barely involved for statement and chasing Hearings down within a couple weeks. This needs to be the case for All Level Three Disciplinary Hearings. A student should not have to investigate their own case, lest they watch the hearing proceed without evidence, and no student should wait months in fear for a hearing as Amy had to do.










**including but not limited to - revenge porn, upskirting, stealthing, stalking, cyber stalking, physical violence, emotional abuse, intimidation or degradation, sexual harassment, sexual assault and rape