Newcastle University Strike Compensation

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The students of Newcastle University urge the University to compensate all students adversely affected with a repayment of tuition fees. The compensation should be calculated based on tuition fees paid (which will vary depending on whether for a national student fees fell within the £9000 or £9250 catchment or international student fees) divided by the 155 teaching/contact days multiplied by the days lost. 

EG. £9250 / 155 = £59.67 x 14 (for the upcoming strike period) totalling £835.38. 

Industrial action has taken place repeatedly over the last two years, with thousands of students being adversely affected. Strikes began in February 2018 in which 14 days across 4 weeks were affected. After an unsuccessful attempt to reach a solution with the Universities, a further 8 days in November/December 2019 were lost, with the UCU recently announcing a further 14 days of strike action, which will commence on the 20th February 2020 and span across 4 weeks. 

Compensation aside, students pay upwards of £9000 a year to attend a service that is not sufficiently being provided. The University as a service provider has the duty to meet fundamental expectations of it’s customers ie the students. Thousands of students have lost hours of teaching and suffered increased distress and inconvenience. It is not acceptable that students are being used as a bargaining chip when our education is at the forefront of the impact. 

The continuing and lengthy periods of industrial action has had and will continue to have a detrimental impact on students. We stand with the lecturers and tutors who rightly dispute their pay and working conditions. We urge the University to reach a resolution with the UCU and put both its employees and students first.