Refund for NUMed MBBS Stage 4 2019/2020 Semester 2 Tuition Fees

Refund for NUMed MBBS Stage 4 2019/2020 Semester 2 Tuition Fees

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Christy Liew started this petition to Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia and

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia (NUMed) has cancelled ALL classes and teachings for MBBS Stage 4 students for 2019/2020 since the start of the Movement Control Order on 18/3/2020. 

For MBBS Stage 4 semester 2 (Jan 2020-Aug 2020), students were supposed to undergo clinical placements and electives only (no campus teaching), which we were only able to complete our 1st placement from 6/1/2020 to 14/2/2020 and part of the 2nd placement up to the start of MCO (originally 17/2/2020 to 27/3/2020). From 18/3/2020 onwards we had NO TEACHINGS at all, with only a short course/assignment and online resources.

We hereby sincerely request to NUMed and Newcastle University (Newcastle upon Tyne, England), to provide us with a refund for our Semester 2 tuition fees with reference to the points below:

1. NUMed is giving online classes to all students EXCEPT MBBS Stage 4 students. We think it is extremely unfair for us to pay RM47.5k (Malaysians) or RM52.5k (Internationals) for only self-directed learning
2. For facilities fee, we did NOT set foot on campus at all during semester 2. 
3. There has been NO compensation or replacement for our cancelled Student Selective Components and Electives
4. Ever since our learning have been moved from the LSE to the MLE, resources from our previous years (which we had already paid for) were all removed, and were only uploaded upon our request in late May
5. A few lecturers have kindly shared some resources with us (which they did so voluntarily and only on a few occasions), but it had nothing to do with the university and still could not make up to the amount of tuition fees we paid.
6. The resources for Transition to Stage 5 were only given to us in early June, giving us barely enough time to prepare for all the rotations for Stage 5.
7. Shortly after the MCO started, the university only provided us with the option of completing a short assignment or an online medical education module (which isn’t even part of our curriculum). We think that these are not sufficient to make up for our learning and the worth of our tuition fees.
8. We understand that the university has been providing online resources, but most of them were only given in late May or early June. Besides the short assignment and online module which we were required to do, we had no online teaching or support from the university despite our frequent emails and requests.
9. Our semester 2 tuition fees are RM47.5k for Malaysians and RM52.5k for international students. So far, RM300 transport allowance and RM3000 supervisor fee have been used for each student for each SSC (one of which we didn’t even get to complete), in a total of RM6600. There is still a big portion of our Semester 2 tuition fees that should be refunded back to us, or a discount provided for our final year tuition fees.

It is very sad and heartbreaking for us to lose our clinical placements that we have been looking forward to before we even started our first year, with no compensation or replacement at all. Students from other stages will still be able to have their placements at least in Malaysia in the near future.

In conclusion, we understand that the university has been providing resources and support in other ways, but all of those are still unable to add up to the value of our tuition fees for an entire semester spent OFF CAMPUS doing self directed learning. We also think there is no point giving us anymore resources or materials or online teaching at this point, as we are starting our new academic year soon. The only method of compensation at this point of time would be monetary compensation, giving more resources would just be pointless because so many months were already lost without any online teaching.

We, NUMed MBBS Stage 4 students, sincerely hope that the university can empathise with our difficult situations, while we and our parents struggle with financial difficulties during this time. We understand that the university has provided much supportfor students who were/are still trapped on campus, and studying resources, and we appreciate your efforts for that. However, we beg that you return the money that is rightfully ours. Thank you.

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