Construct a disabled toilet in Newcastle-Under-Lyme

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Last year, the Newcastle-Under-Lyme public toilets were closed to the public, meaning that the local population are now left to find toilets on their own. To most people, this isn't an issue: there are many toilets in local businesses which are free to use after they've received your custom. However, this isn't as simple for the disabled community. Very few public places have disabled toilets in their venues, vastly limiting the options left to the disabled population. By law, shop owners legally have 'the right to refuse custom', often to avoid their own inconvenience. This is due to the idea that it could lead to more people raising unwanted issues concerning disabilities, leading to an unneeded legal battle for them. If there was just one disabled public toilet, this would be an issue that both parties could avoid.

Article 21, subsection 2 of the Universal Declaration of Human rights Act states that 'Everyone has the right of equal access to public service in his own country'. This is something that is severely overlooked within our local community. The disabled population is greatly undermined due to the ignorance of our local council, refusing to acknowledge this article in our fundamental rights.

In Newcastle-under-Lyme, there is just one disabled changing place, based in the city library. It was an amazing achievement for this to be built in our local community, but it still isn't enough. The library is only open from 8am-6pm, leaving 14 hours of the day without access to one of these necessary changing facilities. Not only this, but the library is closed on both Sundays and Mondays, two very popular shopping days. There are 230,000 disabled families in the UK who are forced to plan their daily activities around what facilities the area has to offer. With no disabled public toilet in the area, many families are forced to choose somewhere else to spend their custom, which affects the Newcastle-Under-Lyme retail economy.

Our aim is to open at least one disabled public toilet in the area, opening a range of possibilities and relieving a great amount of stress for local disabled families. By signing this petition, you are helping us to make a difference to a cause that is something very close to our hearts, and to thousands of disabled families in the surrounding area.

Thank you.


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