Newcastle City Council To Reconsider Declined Permit Application For Battle Ready NCL

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I am writing this petition to Newcastle City Council and asking for them to reconsider their decision to decline the permit for BattleReady NCL. 

Jay Melrose and his partners in this venture are offering a service of a Wrestling School and a fitness and performance centre that could benefit those in Newcastle Upon Tyne & the surrounding areas. 

Mr Melrose is giving people of all ages a chance to come and learn the craft of wrestling or to come and get in shape and become fitter and more healthy. Not only that, Battle Ready NCL is giving youngsters a chance to come and learn wrestling and keep them out of the ever present trouble & danger than can often exist in this world. 

The centre is a mere 3 minute walk from Gosforth High Street, 5 minutes from Regent Centre metro and 7 minutes from South Gosforth metro and in my opinion would be one of most easily accessible fitness centres I have ever came across.

I feel the decision to decline the permit due to what you say would not be easily accessible to the public as inaccurate and the lack of parking issue is an issue that can be resolved.

So I hereby ask that you re-evaluate your decision otherwise you are stripping the community of a centre that could hugely benefit those looking to learn wrestling or to get fit.