Supported Housing For Joanne

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Supported Housing For Joanne

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The Hope Project started this petition to Newcastle city council (Civic Centre, Newcastle upon Tyne.)

Joanne is a vulnerable adult. She is being denied supported housing as she is classed as too young.

She has a diagnosis of: Obsessional Compulsive Disorder, Dissociative Identity Disorder. Clinical Depression, and Borderline Personality Disorder.
If that isn't enough: she is registered blind, has glaucoma, intercranial hypertension and is a chronic asthmatic.

Life is a daily struggle for Joanne. She had been living in Rugby, Warwickshire in a retirement complex to access a small amount of support. This level of support was not enough and during the period Nov - Dec 2015 Joanne tried to take her life 3 times.

Joanne's sister lives in Newcastle and as Joanne always come up to stay for Christmas she went to fetch her. Joanne would often travel on the train to Newcastle to stay, but she was too unwell to travel alone this time.
Once here, her sister had a serious conversation with her and it was agreed Joanne would be much better off living in Newcastle near her sister as this would dramatically improve the quality of her life.

Already since being here Joanne has lost over a stone in weight ( she is morbidly overweight), has been out shopping and on day trips for the first time in 4 years and is more active and sociable than she has been for many, many years. Joanne actually feels like there is hope now. And more importantly she has not attempted to take her life since being with her sister.

Your Homes Newcastle and Social Services have been brilliant and she has been accepted for housing and is assessed and approved of the clear and distinct need for a high level of support in line with 24hr supported housing.
Sadly, despite the best efforts of her sister, the social worker and your homes Newcastle, she has been declined this housing as she does not meet the AGE criteria.Joanne is only 42 and they only have the right support in housing for over 55's.

Your Homes Newcastle have actually stated that putting Joanne into an independent tenancy is "Setting her up to Fail". Despite this it is the only option available to Joanne.

This petition is about forcing the council and associated parties to rethink the strict age policy. They have not met Joanne and so cannot say she would not fit in or be unsuitable for any one given supported housing allocation.

Social Services have agreed that the only option is to send in daily help and care to Joanne in an independent tenancy and that this is not enough. Budgets are tight and are going to be cut further. They will possibly end up having to withdraw some of that support due to funding.

Throughout the whole process it has been agreed on EVERY level that Joanne needs a high level of support and should be in supported housing. The ONLY reason anyone can give for a failure to provide that is her age.

We believe this to be a clear case of age discrimination and so request that you support our petition to get Joanne the right kind of housing that she deserves.
I am sorry that this is so long winded but we really would appreciate your support. We need 2500 signatures by the 3rd April to get this petition in front of the panel of 65 managers and directors. Please sign and share, even if you are not local. Thank you.


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This petition had 254 supporters

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