Stop Newcastle City Council removing Onyx Espresso Bar's courtyard

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Newcastle City Council has made it clear they want all the seats removed from our courtyard and replaced with car parking otherwise we, Onyx Espresso Bar, face huge fines. 

A development application was made to NCC for use of the outdoor area as dining which was refused based on the need for available car spaces in Mayfield.

The outdoor area has never been used to park cars, and all the current tenants have no intention to ever park there for the foreseeable future. NCC's decision will just turn it into dead wasted space.

The outdoor dining has the ability to bring so much positive to our community. Defence groups, mums groups, families and people in wheelchairs would all benefit greatly from using this space to meet and connect. The benefit of having an outdoor dining space far outweighs the need for 3 car spots for Mayfield residents.

As a small business who survived through Covid, taking away our outdoor space would have a huge negative impact our business. I fear for the future of our business if NCC can not reconsider their decision. 

Im asking everyone to sign so we can petition NCC into taking into consideration the wants and needs of our community. We want our courtyard as outdoor dining. Please sign!