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LETTER: Art attack now political folly by Jim Burns

Gionni Di Gravio
Mayfield, NSW

Apr 19, 2014 — The recent gallery fiasco began with a unilateral decision at the highest level of council to stop a well-designed and long overdue gallery extension, block a generous federal grant, avoid a tiny rate increase in case the state government failed to show that Newcastle’s art gallery was as worthy as Sydney’s, and offer an unacceptable slipshod alternative.

It also allowed the $6million set aside by two previous councils to be diverted to other purposes.

Members of the public who, like myself, have benefited so much from the creation of Newcastle’s gallery, must strongly defy all attempts to attack, fragment and, as many of us fear, allow them to pass into private hands, like so many others of the nation’s once renowned and revered public services.

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