Save Stevenson Park for Softball, Baseball and Soccer!

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Newcastle City Council plan on putting a permanent cricket pitch on field 4 (diamond 8) at Stevenson Park Mayfield.  This will impact all seasonal sport users, softball, soccer and baseball.

Major tournaments such as Australian International Youth Games (AIYG), State Championships and Baseball Finals Series may be unable to be played at Stevenson Park in the future if this cricket pitch goes ahead as sufficient space will no longer be available to run these tournaments. Currently all park users work together to ensure everyone gets the best use of the park and local sport is supported and promoted, however the cricket pitch would cause interruption to all three sports.

Specifically softball will lose the use of D8 where U18, 3rd Men & 2nd Men play every Saturday. With the growth of Softball over the last 3 years full usage of Stevenson Park is required. 

Also both Baseball and Soccer will have their training and playing areas interrupted with this pitch. A cricket pitch will pose a risk to players as it creates an uneven and slippery surface.

We strongly urge you to sign the petition against having a permanent cricket pitch at Stevenson Park. 

Thank you for your support in advance