Don't Hem in Havannah

Newcastle Great Park wants to build 1,200 houses and a school within metres of Havannah Nature Reserve, in Newcastle.

Havannah is a Local Nature ReserveSite of Nature Conservation Interest and a last haven for red squirrels in Newcastle.

Several protected species, including birds, bats, badgers and great crested newt depend on the reserve and surrounding fields, which are used by several threatened bird species, including skylark, linnet, curlew, lapwing, yellow hammer and grey partridge.

Land around the reserve currently acts as a buffer zone between red and grey squirrels. Greys carry the deadly pox virus and outcompete reds for food, but 1,000+ houses with gardens would see the loss of this important buffer zone and grey squirrels would quickly colonise the reserve, wiping out the red squirrels.

Havannah is one of only two areas of lowland heath in Newcastle and provides habitat for twenty butterfly species – including the rare Dingy Skipper – and hundreds of moth species.

The proposed number of houses far exceeds – by hundreds – the number originally intended for the site, which was designated, until recently, as employment land.

So many houses in such close proximity to the reserve would devastate wildlife populations within and around the reserve. 

An increase in recreational activity and domestic pets will have a severe adverse effects on wildlife, which will be compounded by light spill, noise and disturbance. 

Please sign the petition to ask Newcastle City Council to significantly reduce the proposed number of houses on site and preserve one of Newcastle’s most important wildlife habitats.

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