Save Kidsgrove Sports Centre

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Kidsgrove Sports Centre is now going to close. This has happened as a result of Newcastle Borough Council refusing to take on the current sports centre building. The building is currently owned by Staffordshire County Council, however they decided to give the centre to Newcastle for a nominal fee.

Newcastle have refused to accept this and take on the sports centre, despite being responsible for leisure in the local area. This is even more topical as Newcastle can afford to spend £millions on a new council offices in Newcastle, however not find a smaller amount to spend on improving this community resource.

We call upon Newcastle Borough Council to accept this building for the nominal fee and invest in the leisure resources in Kidsgrove, even if that means spending less in Newcastle!

And for the avoidance of doubt we call upon Staffordshire County Council to sell the building to Newcastle Borough Council for a nominal fee, allowing future generations access to leisure at the centre.