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For +20 years Newark Public School District (NPS) has been under State control. Finally, the state of New Jersey has considered returning local control to NPS District provided that we meet the requirements said forth in the transition plan.

Throughout the last two superintendent's term, families and students have been blocked out and pushed around by their harsh recommendations and changes to the district. Families have lost loved ones who attended Newark Public Schools under their failed leadership. Parents have been denied the right to give feedback and input on their child's educational experience. Students have been blocked out from giving input on how they envision Newark Public School District for their growth. 

During the entire leadership of Newark's current Mayor and City Council, our school board has been designed without the input of parents on who we think would be beneficial to our children. Each year politicians pour in thousands of dollars to place candidates on the school board by way of banking on constituents not fully knowing the issues.

Parents and Community would like to be part of the process for selecting school board candidates and the Superintendent, however that has not been happening. We watched tonight April 24, 2018 as a newly elected board member was selected to be the Vice Chair of our school board as we opposed the decision made considering the board member had not served as a board member for 3 hours or served on a board committee. 

As parents and community members, we urge you to step in and enforce the law regarding the School Ethics Act(N.J.S.A.C 18A:12-21 - 18A:12-33; 6A:28-1, 6A:32-3.2) on prohibited conduct and the refusal to surrender their independent judgement to special interest or partisan political groups or to use the schools for personal gain or for the gain of friends.  We urge you to conduct a full investigation to political connections and the true reason Dawn Haynes who works in the Mayor's office and Josephine Garcia who also work in the Newark City Council office were placed without proper school board chair experience to spearhead the school board even after parents and community were in opposition.

We the parents and at large community, ask that Josephine Garcia and Dawn Haynes step down immediately as Newark Public School Board Chair and Vice Chair! We ask that the two most experienced board members such as Kim Gaddy and Leah Owens be appointed or elected to serve as Chair and Vice Chair of Newark Public School Board effective immediately!

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