Take action against corrupt Newark NJ Court system

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For years, the state of New Jersey has suffered from a corrupt, discriminatory justice system that does little to serve its residents and has done more to force innocent men and women to succumb under their “iron fist.” 

In poverty-stricken areas like Newark, Paterson, and Camden, this iron fist reigns supreme as police officers patrol the streets, pulling over and even arresting innocent men and women, specifically men and women of color. 

Although this petition is less about race and more about the incompetence of the justice system we are forced to undergo, we must make mention that race does have influence on who gets stopped and who doesn’t. 

The situation I am referring to occurred many months ago and since then has trickled down into less of a case of “regular protocol” and more of a burden, to say the least. 

My fiance, who I will not disclose for personal reasons, had been issued a ticket YEARS ago which he has since paid off in full. However, throughout this time, he missed a court date, which caused a warrant to be issued out to him. After several imprisonments, MULTIPLE court dates, several payments being made to the courts and for bail, and after all fines had been paid off in full as well as his license being reinstated and paid for in full as well, he was happy to say he was a free man. He kept all documentation for records and since then has paid off any and all charges, penalties, and fines added onto him after the warrant was issued. 

After going to court for the same thing multiple times and speaking to the judge about his case, the judge had stated that his warrant would be taken off and that he was good to go. However, since those court dates, my fiancé continues to get pulled over for that warrant, and after months went by, the police officers were not even able to describe why he was getting arrested in the first place. They did not inform him multiple times why he was arrested even after asking, but all that could be said was that he would find out in court. Again. 

This is beginning to become a massive problem in the city of Newark and Elizabeth, which are the two main courts where all of this occurs. My fiancé is a youth leader in our church ministry, so he frequently drives our youth home after services late at night. 

The problem with Newark’s court system is the lack of care being taken to ensure that its citizens are safe and well maintained. It has been speculated that the courts are “unmerciful,” because “once they get you once, they try to make sure they get you again.” This is posing to become an even bigger issue, seeing as that Newark’s crime rates are so high. Perhaps if better care was being taken to ensure that the justice system was run effectively, more killers would be caught and there would be less incidents involving youth leaders getting arrested under false or unjust means. 

This needs to stop. By signing this petition, we can ensure that this will reach the governor, as well as the Mayors of the cities listed. If not, more innocent men will be taken behind bars, more money will be drained from noble citizens and residents of the state of New Jersey, and more injustice will continue to take place. This isn’t just for one man, it is for all of the men and women who suffer under the hand of this same court system. One click can mean the world for innocent men and women who don’t have the voice to speak for themselves. Real change starts off small and snowballs into something much bigger. Help me start this movement. Let’s bring the justice back into our justice system.