Ordinance 19-05 Will Ruin Our School, We Must Fight Back

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Jeffrey Taviano
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In recent times, The Newark City Council has passed a bill in which effectively punishes any act of partying, enjoying weekends, or having fun around the University of Delaware Community. Us students work day and night on our rigorous workload, to keep up the academic standards that UD has created over the years and to further our education for the future. What some people do not understand is that a huge part of why the University of Delaware has become such a highly regarded school is due to the fun/party aspect that so many prospective students look forward to. By passing this new Bill, not only is the City ruining the active student's weekends, but it will also persuade applicant students to go elsewhere; to a school that they can have fun and be themselves without having to worry about getting a large fine or have something on their record for being a typical college student. To the students, stand with me and fight this battle. We came to this school for many reasons and the passing of this Bill is taking away from our college experience. If we want change, and we want to proceed through the rest of our college years with fun filled days, then we must stand up to our City Council and show them just how detrimental this Bill is to this School. If we put our minds together, I know that we can restore this school to the way that it should be!