Protect your access to safe and therapeutic natural health products in New Zealand

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Protect your access to safe and therapeutic natural health products in New Zealand

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New Zealand Wellness Association started this petition to O'Connor, Simon (National Party) and

Do you use natural health products to help with depression, stress or anxiety?

Have you taken nutrients to encourage a healthy pregnancy and baby?

Do you practise traditional or ethnic medicine?

Do you believe in trying natural remedies before taking mainstream medication?

If the answer is yes to any of the above, then you need to know your right to choose how you get well and stay well is at risk.

There is a Bill awaiting its final reading in parliament called the Natural Health Products Bill. If this is accepted, it will restrict the availability of many high quality therapeutic nutrients in New Zealand, and will prevent further research into their benefits.

It will place a regulatory ban on many natural products or the maximum dosage of many highly beneficial ingredients – those that aren’t listed on the Permitted Ingredients List. To design a product and apply to have it added to the Permitted Ingredients List, or to be registered as a medicine, will cost significant time and money. The Bill acts to stifle innovation in the field of natural medicine.

Please help stop this Bill from going through so that well-thought out, responsible and realistic regulation can instead be considered.

Please sign our petition.

Here’s how the Bill will affect you:

The Bill and mental health
Please watch the above 18 minute TEDx Talk by Professor Julia Rucklidge from the University of Canterbury. The research shows significant and lasting results can be achieved using natural health products to treat nutrient deficiencies in those suffering from mental illness. It has also documented a superb safety record for the micronutrients being utilised.

The products being researched are currently under threat. The Natural Health Products Bill could halt access to the nutrients used in these trials and seriously compromise the ability to continue with this line of research.

The Bill and pregnancy
The Natural Health Products Bill creates a risk to health as it restricts therapeutic doses of nutrients such as Iron, Zinc, Iodine, Folic Acid, Potassium, Vitamin A and Vitamin D to pharmaceutical products only. This means that in non-pharmaceutical form, these nutrients will be weakened to doses that aren't effective.

Imagine - you could be taking nutrients to avoid deficiencies while pregnant and not even realise you aren't consuming a strong enough dose to make a difference, putting the health of yourself and your baby at risk.

The Bill and traditional medicine
The Bill, as it stands, will prohibit many traditional or ethnic medicine practices and treatments. Currently, 61 native plants that are used in Rongoā Māori medicine are ‘Pending’ on the Permitted Ingredients List, meaning they have not been approved under the Bill because there is “No record of food or medicinal use” or “No information found to inform safety of use”. This is not because these herbs are unsafe, but because the knowledge has been passed down orally and is not documented in research papers or formal texts.

This is true for any indigenous culture’s medicinal knowledge.

Why would MPs who are genuinely interested in the wellbeing of their constituents vote for a Bill like this?

ANSWER - They do not understand the Bill or its implications. They do not have the time to understand all the legislation they are asked to vote on.

The New Zealand Wellness Association is against this Bill but is pro responsible well thought-out, responsible and realistic regulation. The issue we have is that this Bill is not proportional with the risks natural health products present.

We ask you to consider the impact that the Bill will have on the rights of New Zealanders to have access to nutrients to prevent and treat illness.

Please sign our petition.

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You can read more about the Natural Health Products Bill here

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This petition had 8,791 supporters