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All school sports should have open gender social teams

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In school sports you are forced to be in a team of girls or boys, the issue with this is there are people who may not want to play on a team with only boys/girls. Reasons for this could be they don't really have any friends of the same gender, they could be a transgender student who is not ready to be moved into a team of their gender/they don't have any friends of the same gender or their gender doesn't fit in with the binary of female and male. This is why we need open gender teams so everyone is welcome, I believe this will encourage more students who are not so sure about their identity (or just any student in general) to join sports teams.

this doesn't mean all social sports team sports have to be open gender but there should at least be the option to play in one.

(this is referring to social teams of course as it is understood why boys and girls are split for competitive sports teams).

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