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Justice for my Kelly - Cruelly Beaten to Death Needlessly.

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On April 13th 2017 my best friend in the entire world was taken from me. Kelly was my dog and words could never express how much I loved her. I often joked that I would never be able to have children because I would never be able to love them as much as my Kelly - I still think that. On that day my family and I went on holiday to Australia. On our first day there we received the news that she had died. Devastated and not knowing how it happened, I ordered an autopsy of Kelly and we got the results a week later - my long-term boyfriend had beaten my baby to death.

Today in a separate matter, Hanuere Paul Witehira received a sentence of two years imprisonment for striking a poor little puppy with a hammer and causing it to be euthanised. In the meantime, two days ago on Tuesday the 25th July, the Police sought to offer the person to which my petition regards, DIVERSION for brutally beating Kelly to death. Luckily I attended Court that day and myself and my family kicked up enough of a fuss for the diversion to be withdrawn by the end of the day. The slap in the face still remains though - how is it that somebody can get so angry at an innocent dog that they rupture her liver, break her leg, break her ribs and give her contusions to the head, to then get offered diversion??

I am calling for the Police to take this seriously. I am calling for an adequate prosecution and for them to actually put in the effort to yield justice for my baby; and also for society as a whole, as the kind of person who could do this should not walk free without even a criminal record as a reminder!! I'm making this petition in the hopes I can get more people to be Kelly's voice, as clearly mine has not been listened to.

I am currently waiting to hear when a new Court date is set for Mathew to enter a plea. I would really appreciate it if you guys could help me make sure he gets what he deserves.

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