Reduce Petrol Prices For New Zealand Citizens

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The increase in petrol price continues to climb across the country while many people struggle to afford the cost of transport, leading to sacrificing basic necessities and education.

By reducing the rate of petrol in New Zealand it will enable more citizens to afford the price and facilitate their transport. This will be achieved by adding both petrol/ diesel under the GST which will significantly lower the rates. If the government included transportation fuel under GST and applied the highest tax of 28%, the prices for petrol and diesel would be successfully reduced by 57 cents for petrol and 33 cents for diesel. This will impact their lives by being able to save extra work money for other purposes in the future for education fees and basic necessities some struggle to afford. Due to the high rate, it has also shown an increase in public transport, for example, Auckland public transport has become the third most expensive in the world. This shows the high increase and proves these prices will be spread across the country in the near future unless we take action. 

With the rate only getting higher we are forced to abandon our vehicles because we do not have the funds to afford it. This shows the several negative effects on our people such as a rise in Poverty as many low-income citizens will need to live without the basic necessities to be able to afford these prices.

By lowering the petrol rate this will benefit: 

  • New Zealand Citizens - Increase in savings for education purposes and basic necessities
  • The New Zealand Government-Increase in tax
  • The Petroleum Companies- Increase in profits

Don't ignore the increase in the petrol rate and let them rob your incomes!

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