Urgent Rent Subsidy to Businesses in NZ

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That the House of Representatives urge the Government to urgently extend a rent subsidy to businesses in New Zealand affected by the COVID-19 lockdown, and to consider similar measures to those introduced in Australia to require landlords to provide rent relief for their tenants.

Majority of the small and medium enterprises would be wiped out permanently unless the Government steps in quickly with help for rent payments. Many leases in NZ do not have any provision for rent  relief, the Landlords are refusing to grant any rent relief and expecting full rental payment.

A prolonged lockdown has depleted business’ cash resources and reserves, but they still have operational expenses including rent and rates. Beyond wages, rent is the big issue for businesses. The businesses are left with heavy bills while there is no income at all. There are no Government grants to assist with such expenses.

We are calling the Government for urgent action with commercial rent relief to help the businesses with no or little cash flow but significant costs and prevent businesses permanent closures nationwide.