Keep Families Safe From Toxic Pollutions in Mt Maunganui, Tauranga.

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The Greed & The Hungry!..

Over 150 Years, these multi Billionaire Companies extend their organisations to better there financial flow.

The Problem, The Concerns and The Issues

This is happening without the concerns of Families. These issues effect our eldest, our kohanga kids(Early Childhood) and our families, this may even effect your families and the people who are near and who are close!...

No More Toxic Air

...HELP US, stand & put a STOP to AIR POLLUTION!!...

... Toxics in the air that can damage human health (From the inside out) property, belongings and more..... These air toxics are so lethal many families are greatly effected, the pollution in the air from these high organisations can also become very deadly. In the rain the air pollution becomes acid rain and burns through or stains property, such as metal Machinery, Vehicels and any outdoorware...

Nearby residents, acquaintance and families!!!... NEED YOUR HELP, if you are in any way affected by this Air Pollution and it is an issue with you or any family member, together we can ensure the air quality in the future is much healthier for our Community!!!....

Location near the Airport can also be a potential nuclear zone.

Thank You in Advance for your support, stand and say.

Love, light and blessing to all.

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Make your Stand, Have your Say, You make the diference for our future, for our children, for our community for our nation, for our life. Amen