Save our Raw milk farms

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We switched to raw milk after seeing its benefits, it's so full of goodness and consuming it never made us sick, not even once. Lately MPI raided the raw milk farms and took away all their digital property. They are now not allowed to sell the milk unless they are registered and follow the MPI regulations, fair enough, but these regulations are not fair. Milk can be only sold at the farm or the farmers have to deliver door to door.

This is something that is not practically possible. Supermarkets aren't expected to deliver a litre of milk to our door. Then why these farms? Regulations allow for 'registered' depots but only at unreasonably huge costs and processes which are again not practical. So a raw milk consumer has to travel for hours to a registered farm and collect milk from a so called 'registered' vending machine, which again makes no sense at all.

Many farms that chose to register with MPI find the regulations too tough and many have given up their source of living due to these policies and others may follow. This only proves that the current regulations are impractical and unjust too. Our local farmers need our support and encouragement, we need to see their sacrifices, their passion and implement practical rules and treat them with dignity.

All these regulations are being enforced to 'minimize the risks to public health', then why is that it is only for raw milk directly sold to consumers and not the ones that alter the quality and composition of milk due to processing? Has MPI not done its homework on the health hazards of processed foods? Or is it only about money that can be earned from implementing these regulations and not the health of the consumer?

We urge the government to hear our voices and provide a system that supports and helps milk farmers and defends the rights of raw milk consumers to easily access the product of their choice. Consumers should be able to make an informed choice and have a right to personal responsibility about food choices. Lets be fair, live and let live.

In summary:-

1. Consumers have a right to make choice about the food they consume.

2. Farmers should be allowed to continue the drop offs to a location where the milk is stored at a safe temperature till they are collected by the consumers. This is an agreement between the milk farmers and the consumers and not with MPI.