Stop Mandatory Fluoridation for All of New Zealand

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The Government is planning to implement Mandatory fluoridation to the whole of New Zealand. Currently, only around 50% of households are on fluoridated water, with only 23 out of 67 local councils still fluoridating, while voicing their growing concerns about fluoridation risks and dangers. In response to more and more councillors and mayors deciding against fluoridation, the Government is now taking the decision away from local councils and communities and putting the power into the hands of District Health Boards (DHB), who are under the direct control of Central Government.

This legislation is a misguided response to the growing public demand on councils to stop fluoridation. Councillors in many areas have had the opportunity to hear both sides of the issue, including the latest science. Like most New Zealanders, once they are aware of all the facts, they become much less likely to support fluoridation.

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