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Immigration regulations regarding long distance relationships.

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My wife and I have been together for almost 2 years now and been married since the 28th of March 2017. We've only managed to spend a total of 7 months together because when we applied for her work visa based on partnership, Immigration New Zealand refused to acknowledge our relationship as genuine and stable, also claiming that she didn't make clear that she had a partner in the country she was visiting and so a misleading character. Despite marrying legally in front of the New Zealand Government, not even in Italy, the country she's from, and living together in our own place for over 5 months, we were still denied our right to be together and she had to leave me in a matter of days as she got her last letter from Immigration. We couldn't spend 700NZD to appeal against the decision and we didn't want her to stay illegally. Ours isn't the only case of its kind. Despite the fact that thousands of people begin their relationships in a long distance state, Immigration New Zealand constantly refuses to acknowledge the legitimacy of relations born like this, treating whoever's applying for a visa based on partnership as criminals. They read over 1300 pdf pages of the conversation I had with my wife over a year before she got here, forcing us to give this information to "prove we are a couple" and they still decided that all our moments of shared weakness, happiness, all the good we brought to each other before meeting couldn't be considered an evidence of a stable relationship but instead a proof we weren't. We need to have been living together in the same place for that. Isn't that funny?
I'm one of the many who believe this to be an unfair, lazy and ineffective process. Preventing a couple from being together just because their official relationship started in seperate countries is fundamentally wrong, I've found the love of my life and cannot bring her to be with me in my home country for reasons well beyond my understanding. Many people that get to know about our story can't believe this is true. "You two are married, aren't you?"
The more people who sign this, the more likely we are to change the way Immigration is set to act about long distance relationships in general and help our process in particular so, please, show your support and let's make this a more connected world where love is no longer governed by borders or ethnicity. 

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