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Stop the shut down of the senior school in Moerewa School

We have an example of a school up North where students, whanau, staff and community members are fighting for the senior school in Moerewa to be kept. People who were raised in or near Moerewa know that it's difficult to develop youth with a desire to go on to further education and employment. Here is a school that is doing just that. Then we see National government leadership who are saying they are for Maori youth becoming educated and employed and respects the rights of Maori to determine their own destiny or tino rangatiratanga. The Ministers' actions here with Moerewa School are a blatant contradiction of espoused principles. It seems from an outsider's perspective that you are the angry old-fashioned school marm (National) who can't get her way with her well-behaved students (Moerewa School). This is condescending and reeks of old time state control with borderline racism - I say borderline because they aren't even aware of it. I know the realities that Maori youth face, don't be an added barrier to their success.

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  • New Zealand Minister of Education Hekia Parata

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