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Fund railways infrastructure by the NZTA

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Since the 1980s privatisation and government buyback of the railways, the rail network has been rundown by government through its default in leaving the system to deteriorate and languish into a no-better-than-third-world service required to pay its own way and make a profit. This approach has not applied to our roads so that government effectively subsidises road freight and some public transport through its funding to increase road infrastructure under the NZTA.  This in spite of the fact that overseas studies consistently show more and more roads simply lead to more and more urban sprawl, congestion and loss of countryside.

Furthermore, this scenario applies to just the existing infrastructure with no real engagement with the nation's future needs for freight, commuter or tourist growth needs, not to mention the need for multiple route options as the Kaikoura earthquake has highlighted.

We need a level playing field in transport infrastructure that places on the road transport industry the true environmental costs of that transport. We need the railway infrastructure development to be separated from the potentially profit-making 'retail' side of the industry (rolling stock and services to the public and industry). We need consistent planning and growth of integrated and serviceable public transport systems. These should include full electrification of the network and future-proofing urban public transport system planning (along with a policy for increased population density which makes public transport more viable).

I call upon  the New Zealand Government to fund development of the existing railway network as essential infrastructure on the same basis as that of roads with no profit making requirement.

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