Mandatory sentencing for child abuse and crisis support service.

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New Zealand is amoungst the worst in the world for child abuse. Time and time again the sentence is to light and clearly not a deterrent. Zero tolerance needs to be implemented immediately with a move to provide a service that offers crisis assistance for parents who are not coping with their children. A 24/7 help line that offers another choice to harming children but for parents to contact and seek assistance. We have this for domestic violence let's create one for our most vunerable.  Something drastic needs to be done yesterday and we need to speak up and tell our government WE WANT ACTION NOW. This is a petition to Jacinta Ardern, Minister of  vunerable children to change the laws. Mandatory life imprisonment for the death of a child or serious intentional injury. No more babies need to die and no more light sentences for the abuses who are putting our babies in the ground ZERO TOLORANCE TODAY.

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