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Stop Police and Media publication of Drug Values

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Mainstream Media and New Zealand Police have a LOT to answer for. I have said this for many years, but when they post articles like this one stating they have made a $30 million drug bust they are actually promoting illegal drugs!
We are told methamphetamines (P) is illegal, although the hospitals and Big Pharma thrive on the prescription of methamphetamines to their patients.
However if they are illegal then any sale of them is illegal and therefore has NO VALUE WHATSOEVER EXCEPT THAT PLACED ON THEM ARBITRARILY. This essentially means that by stating in mainstream media that it has a value of $30 million is actually giving it value to everyone who reads the news!
In this respect it is my opinion that placing a value on these drugs is tantamount to criminal as placing a value is the first step in making a sale! Therefore the police and mainstream media are part of the P problem.....they are creating demand for P drug.

The definition of "value" is "the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something.", so please, understand that if you allow values to be published and do not object to values being published I can only concur that you assume that these drugs have some "value". Is that so complicated to understand?

21 Dec 2017 Update:

In an interesting twist, police have found themselves at the receiving end of their publicizing drug values: Police destroyed some legal hemp plants by mistake. In the last line of this article (link below)"Asked about the cost of the damage, Caddie said that, when police took growers to court, they suggested each plant was worth $1000 – "so there's $16,000 for the plants". This is direct evidence that when police state values of drugs it DOES get noticed! Here is the link:

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