Water for the Future...it's our decision! A moratorium for action.

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The views expressed by the United Peoples Movement with regards to our natural resources is that we are merely guardians of our futures resource. Under common law, naturally flowing freshwater is not owned by anyone, but is treated as a public good. This is still the legal position today.

What is a moratorium?

A moratorium is a temporary suspension of an activity or a law until future events warrant lifting the suspension or issues regarding the activity have been resolved.

The current coalition government has failed to take the required steps to protect our future generations resources, and through their own incompetence have allowed a foreign owned company to, not only take ownership of land and a water bottling operation, but expand it to take more of the resource.

The United Peoples Movement is calling for an immediate moratorium on all waters extracted to generate funds/profit both directly and indirectly by foreign owned entity's, both directly and indirectly.

The decision of the Otakarei Springs land sale and resource consent should be repealed immediately and until such time as regulation and legislation is implemented for use of our resources.

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