Send the Aussie Terrorist back to Australia to serve his sentence

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What happened in Christchurch on 15th March 2019 was an act of extraordinary and unprecedented violence. It has no place in New Zealand, neither do those that are responsible for the deaths of 49 people and injuring a further 40+ people.

 The named man and HE IS NOT A KIWI, not born here and does not deserve to remain here.

NZ doesn't have the death penalty, yet that is exactly what Terrorists deserve!

Why should he serve time in our prisons?

Why should, the tax payers in NZ pay to put a roof over his head? Why should we feed him? Why should clothe him? Why should we do this for the rest of his life? With an approx cost of around $110k per year every year for the rest of his life...he has cost NZ enough already!

Lets put the pressure on, a life for the 49 lost or sentence him and send him BACK TO AUSTRALIA to serve his life sentence. He's theirs...let them feed, clothe and put the roof over his head, not us kiwis!!

Sorry Australia..but we condemn him and we reject him...there's no place here for him in New Zealand.