Repercussions for those that lie to the courts to gain immediate care of a child.

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I know it happens to many families, it happened to mine, sometimes it doesn’t even have to be a parent to make these applications .

Please help to address some change and sign it only takes a minute of your time. 

As a father or a mother court can be hard or draining, but having someone apply out of the blue for a with out notice application (that does not give you a chance to respond or give evidence to protect yourself and the child) is tormenting, heart renching and nether the less messed up, it leaves you feeling as though our court system is corrupt and unjust. 

 Especially when the information on the application is false. 

For many New Zealanders this is reality and people are having their children taken out of their care based on unproven lies.

Judges can only make their decisions on interim without notice applications with the belief that the information they have been given is true and correct, therefore it is not a judges error but the person whom applied with the intent to mislead the courts. 

Yes the truth comes out in the end however what about the children’s well-being and care in the mean time, what about the impact this time frame has on the child, what about the consequences this action has on the childs’ future?????

I would like people to come together to agree that a person should be held accountable if they lie on a without notice application to gain immediate care of a child. 

If a person has lied to the courts to gain care of a child under false information and later admmitted On the stand that the information they used was untruthful, should they be held accountable? 

Action needs to be taken now to protect further families/whanau from this happening in the future. 

People need to be made aware that lying to the courts to gain care of a child immediately and preventing the other party to be able to dispute this when it is purely based on false information is not ok.

They need to know that there are consequences for these actions,  hopefully people will make sure that when putting in requests to the courts that they are honest and set a new precedent /status quo to the court system so in the future families/and whanau have something to back them up. 

PLEASE sign this petition to hold people accountable for untruths on documents leading to them gaining care of children.