Break up the work restriction on valid temporary work visas

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We, migrant workers, came through this petition to ask for the NZ government the right to work without our visas restrictions.

We are about 380.000 workers who has choosen NZ as our home, we live here for years and years having the same obligations and paying the taxes as the new zealanders have done. Now that we are facing the world Covid-19 pandemic situation, many of us have had lost our jobs and now we are hearing that we "should go home". The problem is that here is our home as well. Many of us have built up our life here, many of us have helped this lovely country grow with our hard work through years and years, many of us have abdicated our life at our home country to have the same rights as any human being should  have, that is quality of life. So we shouldn't hear that here isn't our home.

What we ask here as tax payers is just the right to work without the restriction of work for a single employer and help to put the New Zealand economy back on the trail. With this the NZ government will not have any financial obligation with those who are facing this hard moment and also the NZ government will have sure that we will make a huge effort to support the country.

Kind regards,

The migrant workers.