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Prohibit the tethering of goats on roadsides and elsewhere.

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The sight of a lone goat tethered on a roadside in NZ has been and still is a common sight. This is a practice that needs to be prohibited and a code of welfare for goats needs to be developed that  restricts tethering, provides for social contact, higher welfare standards and is enforceable.


Goats are intelligent, friendly, herd animals that need company, a wide variety of plant material and good shelter. They are not as hardy as many like to think. Nor are they "lawnmowers". They are in fact browsers that do not flourish on grass alone and do not eat grass right down unless forced to.


Despite this, many goats have, and still do, live lonely, boring lives on roadsides and elsewhere, chained and tethered 24/7. Some have spent years alone chained by a roadside. This places them in a very vulnerable position and many have been attacked by dogs and even humans. There have been many cases of neglect and self strangulation. Some have even frozen to death and others have died from heat exhaustion on a roadside. 


No animal deserves to be chained for its life and goats are no exception . These sentient animals need better legal protection. It is not acceptable to tether them on a roadside or elsewhere and forget about them .


Please sign our petition so these wonderful animals are treated with the care and respect they deserve.

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