Update the NZ Adoption Act to simplify and speed up the process for adoption.

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Today I submit this petition to the Prime Minister of New Zealand - THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

WOW!! 30,000 signatures of support.... What a phenomenal result! We are so extremely stoked with all your support to help make a positive change. This petition is for families, intending parents, surrogates, donors, and children in need of adoption in New Zealand, and for residents of NZ who wish to adopt overseas. On behalf of everyone, thank you for your support. Today (Tuesday 10th September) at 1:15pm, I will be meeting Member's of Parliament on the steps in front of Parliament to submit this petition and discuss the need for change. If you have time today, and you live in Wellington, please come on down and support us. We will be posting stories about today over on our instagram page @lovefromyourdads  Thank you so very much for your support! Lots of love from Christian, Mark & Frankie (and George) xx

Christian Newman
3 years ago