Teachers to receive professional development to support children with ADHD, Autism

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Hi, we are a group of social studies students from Palmerston North Girls' High School. It has been brought to our attention that, in New Zealand, it is estimated that 1 in 65 people have an Autism spectrum disorder which includes Aspergers and according to KidsHealthNZ, at least 5 of every 100 children have ADHD. We believe it is very important that students with behavioural issues (such as ADHD, Autism) receive proper support to achieve equity in an inclusive learning environment. 

The problem is professional development training which helps teachers to recognise and support children with behavioural issues is too expensive for a majority of schools. During the 2017 New Zealand general election, one of the Labour Party's election promises was that “Labour will ensure that all teachers and support staff receive training and professional development and information on inclusive education and disability awareness to ensure the active participation and learning of all children.”

With this petition, we are aiming to influence the government to implement their election promises and create this policy change. We believe we can make this happen with support from the community and general public. From signing this petition you can help us to bring attention and support to these children.