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Taxing plastic bags in all markets in NZ

When you look around, most things are made out of plastic. Chairs, rulers, clock, pencil sharpener, glasses and heaps more things are made from plastic which is horrifying. Plastics have so much negative effects on environment. Plastics are made from crude oil and digging oil in this rate, there will be none of petroleum left in the world by 2060. When digging the oil, there are always some oil spills. Crude oil damages the environment seriously. It kills plants, sea plants, animals and stops
plants growing, poisons soil, fish and there are a lot more problems oil causes. More plastic means more plastic litter too. Plastic litter looks ugly, disgusting and hurts animals. Sea turtles often mistake plastic bags for their favourite food, jellyfish. Small creatures also crawl into plastic bags, bottles and get stuck. Then they starve to death. The most popular plastic product is plastic bag. Tons and tons of them are used today. To stop people using the plastic bags, the best way is to charge them because even if they won't care about the environment, they will care about money. Damaging our environment is damaging ourselves.

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