Petition update


Kirsty McCully
New Zealand

Dec 15, 2011 — Tomorrow is when we find out where this government stands.

Will they stand with the women and children of Auckland, and with the more than 6,000 people who have put their names to this petition?

So far, the team from the 24/7 crisis service have no response from the Key government. And we, as petition signers, are receiving form letters in repsonse to our urgent calls to save the crisis service.

Well, Prime Minister, a form letter isn't good enough. We want a proper response.

Let's get our petition numbers as high as possible tomorrow - numbers count! Let's make it an issue they can't just ignore on the last day for the government to save the crisis service from closure.

**Please show your support by coming to the rally to save the service - Friday, 6:30pm, QEII Square, at the foot of Queen Street in Auckland.**


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