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New Zealand Government: Stop plans to test party pills on animals

From the NZ Herald:

Party pills will be tested on animals before they are allowed to be sold because "human safety is ... paramount", Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne says.
Under new regulations being proposed by the Government, companies that produce the psychoactive drugs will be made to prove they are safe.
"Human safety is the paramount consideration," Mr Dunne said in a statement today, responding to criticism from animal welfare groups and the Green Party that testing on animals, including dogs, was "barbaric".

It is completely unnecessary to test party pills on animals. There is no justification for it. Animal testing is bad, period, but to test drugs that are used for human entertainment is beyond wrong. There is no reason these animals should have to go through such testing just for people to get their highs.

Please sign this petition and get in touch with the appropriate government groups to urge them to stop these plans.

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