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Save Backyard Fireworks In NZ

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Save backyard / private use of fireworks in NZ.

Do not let the local councils and government tell you what you can do in your own backyard! Stand up and DO NOT let them take away our RIGHT to use and enjoy fireworks.

It is time to stand up and be heard for all of the people and families who love fireworks! There are hundreds of thousands of packs of fireworks consumed in NZ every year and these are used at many family occasions and get togethers. These fireworks bring joy to millions of Kiwis every year. Guy Fawkes is a kiwi tradition. Sure it may originate in the UK, but it has been a tradition here for decades now. It is one night of the year where Kiwi families love to get together, have a BBQ and enjoy safely using fireworks.  Fireworks are also used for many traditions in our community such as Diwali & Chinese New Year.

Auckland Council is saying that they want people to attend public displays instead of using private fireworks.... However this is the same council who will not put money into public displays. And when they did put money into public displays, people complain that this is a "waste of money". You can not have it both ways! Backyard fireworks are not just about watching fireworks, it is about getting families together and having fun together. Fireworks can be a fun night for the whole family. 

There are polls out there that say the a large percentage of the public do not support the private use of fireworks.... however judging by the number of fireworks sold here every year, this simply can not be the case. It is more a case of a small group who are trying to force their opinion on the masses. Until now this small group has had a loud voice, with very little rebuttal from the pro-fireworks side. Times have now changed and we want to be heard!

We STRONGLY support the safe use of fireworks and encourage people to always think about their surroundings when using them. Accidents can always happen, there is no doubt about that. However we already have some of the toughest firework regulations in the world and the sizes of the fireworks sold to the public are very small compared to most countries. Fireworks are no different to cars.... Most people use them sensibly and responsibly. However you will always get a very small percentage of people who do not follow the rules. 

One area we would look to consider a change would be to put a curfew on the times that people are able to use fireworks. Using fireworks randomly at 1am in the morning is not suitable behaviour, and we acknowledge this problem and would happily look to work with councils and the government to try and find a simple solution to this. 

Statistically fireworks related accidents and injuries have seen huge improvements in recent times ever since the last law changes were made. We strongly support the age restrictions that were put in place. Not everyone is going to like fireworks. But for those of us that do love them, we should be able to enjoy them. 

Here is a few ACC injury statistics compared to fireworks:

  • Fireworks Related Injuries 516 (2016)
  • Rugby Related Injuries 62,337 (2016)
  • GYM Related Injuries 51,319 (2016)
  • Pumpkin Related Injuries 361 ( 2016) 
  • Dog Related Injuries 19,836 (2015)
  • Horse Related Injuries 8891 (2015)
  • Cattle Related Injuries 4350 (2015)
  • Spider Related Injuries 5368 (2015)

This petition is has been started by Bad Boy Fireworks Ltd a very proud Kiwi family business, supplying fireworks in NZ since 1948. 

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