Review of child support payment calculations

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The child support system in New Zealand has remained the same for many years and the way it is calculated is unfair not only to the paying parents but the children it is supposed to support.

Calculating child support purely based on income (largely the highest earning parent being liable for more then 95% of payment) forces paying parents to work more to be able to support their families but then also punishes them by pushing up their next year's assessment.

New Zealand has a high rate of poverty and this system is forcing people to live outside of their means week to week which will eventually force more people to ask for assistance from the government.

  • It is in the governments best interest, the children's best interest, the paying parents best interest, flowing all the way through the economy to have this system reviewed and the laws around it to be changed so that at a very minimum assessments were capped at a % of a 40hr week, removing miminum % of care and costs of raising the child for 5050 care arrangements calculated as 5050.

It does not cost more to raise a child just because one parent earns more than the other and the government need to see this 

If you, or someone you know is effected by unrealistic high child support payments then please sign this petition so we can show the government how big the problem really is.