Remove Abortion from the New Zealand Crimes Act (Make abortions legal in New Zealand)

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Let me first state that I understand that this is a touchy subject for a number of people and that it has the well known stigma that tends to raise the hackles of the most mild-mannered of people. In summary, the New Zealand Abortion Law allows women of all ages to access an abortion under the circumstances of rape, possible disabilities to the child, and physical and mental damage to the mother. However, in all other cases this medical practice is illegal. 

As a fifteen year old female who currently attends a Catholic school I understand the religious recognition that all children, especially the unborn, are created in the image of God. However, a certain religious belief should not control every woman in New Zealand especially in 2017. 

In 2017 women have the right to choose, infact we were the first country to grant women the right to vote, so why have we not granted the New Zealand women the right to her own body in terms of abortion? If a women believes in the Christian values as stated above then that is her choice, however, in New Zealand we are proud to be multicultural and diverse, so a women who does not essentially believe the values stated above should have her own choice too. 

The New Zealand government have covered the cases of sexual assault and other deficits to a pregnancy, but they have failed to recognaise a highly possible mistake such as the condom splitting during intercourse. This is not entirely the involved's fault especially since not many people (of any gender) have been exposed to other forms of contraception, and birth control tends to be expensive (and not even 100% effective) and holds a stigma resulting in less conversation on the topic.

I understand that there is research that might indicate that abortion could be dangerous to a woman, indicating that after an abortion the woman's mental health could decline, however, we could tackle this by setting up cooperative appointments that assess the woman's health and warns her of what will happen and what could happen. We could make women (and men) more aware of what happens in terms of the procedure and the effects of the procedure, physically and mentally, to avoid the pressure and confusion. We need to cater to women especially since they are half of our country's population. There is also the concern over the number of abortions increasing from the current number of 15,000 per year and this is  an understandable perspective. However, that number identifies the number of known abortions under the current law and the New Zealand government has failed to realise that by not giving a woman of any age (especially in her younger years) a choice in her own pregnancy, women tend to find other means of which can be evidenced by what is known as the 'Coat-Hanger method' which was prominant in the early 1900s and has started to make a comeback globally. Bleeding to death or facing prison is a choice no woman should be ever forced to make.

We lead a change in 1893 by being the first country to grant women the right to vote, it's now 2017 and we need to continue this leadership.

*The creator of this petition wishes to include everyone of all ethnicities, sexuality, gender and religion. This law affects all those with a uterus, some of whom do not identify as women, and some women do not have uterus'.

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