Reduce Outrageous Petrol Prices in NZ Now!

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New Zealand (Especially the South Island Regions) is experiencing record breaking petrol and diesel prices despite Global Crude Oil prices being relatively low at $69 a barrel. As apposed to the highs of $161 a barrel in 2008 when pump prices then never got above $2.27 a litre for 91, where as now we are paying between $2.35 and $2.50 per litre!
There is absolutely no reason for these prices and seeing as up to $1.10 / 44% of the total cost is made up purely of tax (Petrol excess + GST), this is something that is within the hands of the New Zealand Government to fix!

These prices are hurting all New Zealanders, but especially those who live in the South, those on limited income, the working poor, the elderly (all the demographics this Government claims to represent!), and not just at the pump!

If these prices continue, the cost of freight will continue to rise, as will the cost of food and essential supplies, further punishing low to medium income earners!

As such we are calling on the New Zealand Government to cut the taxes on diesel and petrol immediately!