Prohibit The Sale Of Legal Highs - Starting With Legal Synthetic Marijuana

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There are teens in NZ having problems such as the shakes & not being able to sleep after having 'Synthetic Legal Marijuana' & becoming addicted & a UK girl has had severe brain damage, cannot walk, feed herself & has gone blind after having Synthetic Legal Marijuana. View the article here:

We cannot be irresponsible & let a harmful substance ruin lives.
Sign this petition & share it with your friends so the government stops this problem all together.  Restricting sales is not an option, it needs to be banned, so teenagers & young adults know that it is not okay, know that we care & Synthetic Marijuana will harm them.  It needs to be inaccessible.


• Please read also of a 28 year NZ man that had a total personality change from Synthetic Legal Marijuana & robbed a Supperette with a pistol:  


• Read about a NZ girl that became addicted & 'Zombified'   February 5, 2014


• Assaults have risen, A Rotorua security expert wants synthetic cannabis to be banned, as the drug has proved a sharp increase in assaults on his staff:   Feb 1, 2014


• Although this NZ women's 20-year-old son is now clean - from Synthetic Marijuana - experts can not say whether he will regain full brain function:  December 20, 2013


There are hundreds of places to buy harmful legal highs in NZ & you can even purchase legal highs online.  Despite the Psychoactive Substances Act Restrictions, these harmful substances are readily available, addictive & ruin teenagers & 20 somethings chance of a positive start for their future.  Imagine the health affects it could have on pregant women & future children.  Why are we allowing it on the market at all.

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