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No tax on water

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When will the thickos in labour and the greens grasp that water is never
free. It costs. There is always the cost of pumping. There is always
the cost of treatment. There is always the amortization of the plant
and pipes. All these apply to bottled water with the cost of the
bottles added. All these various costs are benefits in New Zealand. We
sell the bottlers the power, the bottles, the labour etc. Put ten cents
per litre tax on the water and the principle is set to charge the same
tax on domestic water and on well water for farms and horticulture. The
average household uses 1000 litres per day. At ten cents per litre that
is $100 per day. How much of that are you going to give to the maoris?
Are you going to give them a few cents per litre for every litre that
goes through the turbines to generate our electricity. Taxing exports
of bottled water might look OK for ten seconds. Think longer than that
and it is utterly bonkers.

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