Legalise Marijuana New Zealand

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Why should New Zealand legalize marijuana?

Medical reason

Obliviously this plays a big part on if it gets legalized. Of course you have heard why it is used medically, because it plays a big part in reliving chronic pain problems this is because of the 60 different Cannibinoids. Not having the usage of marijuana may effect People having no other pain reliving options. So saying that people have to suffer in pain for maybe years to come.

People who just enjoy it

Why is having marijuana such a bad thing? Gosh alcohol and cigarettes are worse than marijuana and its legal! Studies show that 63% of people who smoke die from smoking related illnesses and boosts the chances of 13 different cancers! and around 3.3 million deaths caused by alcohol and alcohol related incidences. Marijuana on the other hand it takes about 1,500 pounds and smoke all in 15 minutes for someone to die, Scientists haven't even proved that they guessed because no one has ever died for having too much! Marijuana doesn't give you a bad head rush like smoking and doesn't give you this sick feeling when drinking also there is no deaths on just straight marijuana. If it makes it better we could just supply it to people 16 or 18 and over and only have a certain amount on you at a time or even a restricted time to have it. We could also have certain places we can have it. Put medical marijuana in use don't let people suffer in pain. 


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